Friday, June 29, 2012

My Hometown Short Films: Young Local Directors Showcases Short Films of Their Beloved Hometowns

Astro introduces My Hometown a campaign for Merdeka and Malaysia Day by inviting Malaysians to celebrate 1Malaysia via submission of their own unique videos on what makes their hometowns distinctive and unforgettable to be aired on, My Hometown (Channel 318) from 31 August to 17 September 2012. To enrich the content for My Hometown, Astro is proud to feature 14 young and upcoming Malaysian film directors for My Hometown Short Films.
Sharifah Amani - Kuala Lumpur My Hometown Short Films Director

My Hometown Short Films celebrates the beauty and diversity of all 14 states in Malaysia with 14 young film directors, each telling a story inspired from the state in which he or she originates from. As each director comes from different backgrounds, will tell stories that resonate with their experiences resulting in 14 diverse short films inspired by film directors who all grew up in different social environments yet united in their emotions to one country, which they call home.
My Hometown Short Films - Team
From Left
Shanjay Kumar Perumal (Perak), Nadiah Hamzah (Penang), Rewan Ishak (Perlis), Uzair Sawal (Sarawak), Lina Tan (Executive Producer of My Hometown Short Films), Vincent De Paul (Project Champion for My Hometown), Shamyl Othman (Selangor), Sharifah Amani (Kuala Lumpur), Adrian Lai (Malacca) and Ramdan Che Hassan (Kelantan)

Vincent De Paul, Astro’s News Controller who is also the Project Champion for My Hometown said “At Astro, we would like to support and nurture talented film directors at an early stage of their careers. Our goal with the My Hometown Short Films initiative is to support the professional development of these young directors and to provide an avenue that enables them to tell their stories to a wide audience in Malaysia. It’s refreshing to see young Malaysians reconnect with their roots and showcase their creativity by remembering their hometowns”.

Uzair Sawal - Sarawak My Hometown Short Films Director

The 14 film directors for My Hometown Short Films are Shamyl Othman (Selangor), Sharifah Armani (Kuala Lumpur), Rewan Ishak (Perlis), (Adrian Lai (Melaka), Shanjey Kumar Perumal (Perak), Shuhaimi Zulkefli (Kedah), Nadiah Hamzah (Penang), Yati Kaprawi (Johor), Mahen Bala (Pahang), Nadira Ilana (Sabah), Uzair Sawal (Sarawak) Ariffin Zulkarnain (Trengganu), Brenda Danker (Negeri Sembilan) and Ramdan Che Hassan (Kelantan). (Please refer to the “My Hometown Short Films Directors’ Profile” for profile of directors and synopsis). My Hometown Short Films is conceptualized and produced by Red Films with Lina Tan as the Executive Producer.

Lina Tan - Managing Director Red Films and Executive Producer of My Hometown Short Films

“We are offering a buffet of 14 stories, each unique, different but very Malaysian,” said Lina Tan. “The genre range from fiction comedy and drama to documentary style storytelling. Like the diversity of Malaysian food, it has something to suit your taste.”

My Hometown Short Films will be aired on the My Hometown (Channel 318) from 31 August to 17 September 2012.

The My Hometown Short Films Directors, Producer and Project Champion
(Standing from Left) Ramdan Che Hassan (Kelantan), Nadiah Hamzah (Penang), Lina Tan (Executive Producer of My Hometown Short Films),  Shamyl Othman (Selangor), Vincent De Paul (Project Champion for My Hometown), Sharifah Amani (Kuala Lumpur), Adrian Lai (Malacca), Uzair Sawal (Sarawak).
(Front row from left) Rewan Ishak (Perlis) and Shanjay Kumar Perumal (Perak)

Astro Celebrates Your Hometown
The public are invited to send in videos about how fascinating, heart-warming, eccentric or just plain funny their hometown is and why their hometown matter so personally to them. The most creative videos will be aired on My Hometown (Channel 318) from 31 August to 17 September 2012 to be shared with the whole nation. Astro invites Malaysians regardless of race, gender and age to get creative and relive what made growing up in your hometown unforgettable.

Malaysians are encouraged to send in their stories of their Hometown in a video format (no longer than 5 minutes) to be delivered to the Astro Broadcast Centre at Bukit Jalil before 8 August 2012 or uploaded online. For more information on My Hometown, please visit

Friday, June 22, 2012

News Alert: Strange Man Caught Buying Apples around Town

A short sharing on this video which had gone viral over the internet these couple of days. Strange video of a mysteriously dressed man buying out red apples in high traffic areas. Why is he there? Is this tied to any online campaign or is it some marketing ad for the latest happening event in town? Check the video out below.

Have you seen this sighting recently? Well, truth to be told, something really big is coming up soon, and it has to do with a happening launch. Be on the lookout for what it to come!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yamaha Creating "Kando" With Key Players From The Music Industry

Yamaha Music Malaysia is committed to help develop the talent and experience of all levels of musicians in Malaysia – be it young children embarking on their musical odyssey, or seasoned professionals with international acclaim. In recognition of this, Yamaha Music Malaysia recently signed Ambassador agreements with notable Malaysian and Malaysia-based musicians, each supporting the development of the musicianship landscape right here in the nation.

Yamaha Distributors Network

Held at their recent Distributor Network Conference at the Sepang Gold Coast, the signing ceremony involved the musicians outlining to the distributors why they were behind Yamaha, followed with a short performance by several of these talented individuals.

Kando, signifying an inspired state of mind, embodies Yamaha Music Malaysia’s philosophy to enrich the quality of lives for people around the world via their high quality products. This pledge to improve and inspire music enthusiasts everywhere was highlighted at the endorsee agreement signing ceremony held at the luxurious Golden Palm Tree Resort.

Yamaha Music Malaysia aspires to support all levels of musicianship, and they intend to do this by collaborating with passionate musicians whose influence would arouse and motivate budding virtuosos to create music—all with the help of some very high quality instruments. Draped in the pink and lavender hues of the evening as twilight sets in, the ceremony witnessed a gathering of prominent artistes including keyboardist Aubrey Naga Suwito, guitarists Jamie Wilson and Aznan “Nan” bin Alias, drummer John Ashley Thomas, bassist Halizor “Fly” bin Hussein, and representing independent rap-rock band Pop Shuvit, members Jeddiah “JD” Wong and Nazrin “AJ” bin Mohd Nasir.

Fly and Jamie entreating audiences to an upbeat performance

Aubrey Naga Suwito has been actively involved in the music industry since 1988 as a songwriter, producer, music arranger, and music director to some of the nation’s most distinguished performers such as Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza and M Nasir. Malaysians would be familiar with his tour de force Gemilang that he wrote for Malaysian Idol winner Jaclyn Victor in addition to his involvement with sensational reality television competitions—Akademi Fantasia and Jangan Lupa Lirik, to name a couple— which earned him nationwide fame and recognition. But Aubrey Suwito’s achievements do not end with the local scene, for his music arrangements can be found in the albums of international performers, namely Jacky Cheung, Sandy Lam, and Tanya Chua.

Hailing from down-under Australia, Jamie Wilson is a resident guitarist who has performed alongside music legends such as Joe Walsh of The Eagles and Clarence Clemes from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. Having studied classical guitar as a child, he made his first formal appearance at the Sydney Opera House at the age of 16, then moving on to win the title of “Australia’s Best Young Guitarist” at MTV Australia National Guitar Challenge two years later. In Malaysia, Jamie Wilson is one of the region’s top session guitarist to have worked with the likes of Richie Ren, Eason Chan, Wang Lee Hom, Fann Wong, Afdlin Shauki, and many more.

“This event is great, I mean, I get to see all these people who appreciate music as much as I do and I love Yamaha’s guitars. They’re really comfortable to play with and I must say, one of the easiest. I felt completely at ease with them,” he remarked.
Mr. Okazaki welcoming guests

Aznan bin Alias, affectionately known to his admirers as Nan, is frequently spotted hitting the local music scenes with his prowess playing the guitar. Sporting an affable demeanor, he is easily approachable by friends and fans alike despite having performed alongside big names in the music industry, most notably Fish Leong and Ella. In addition to his love of performing, Aznan has also been a music director to M
Nasir since 1997 and produced albums for Dia Fadillah, Amir Yusoff, and Coda.

John Ashley Thomas kick-started his career on the drums at the tender age of 8. Since then, he has toured with the Blue Note Circuit in Japan with Mowtown legends The Three Degrees and collaborated with Grammy award-winning flautist, Nestor Torres. A frequent player at numerous jazz festivals (Arts Alive, Jarasum International Jazz Fest), John Thomas has performed with premier jazz-Latin-funk musicians like Steve Thornton, Jiro Okada, and Yu Quan. A formidable percussionist, he has been acknowledged as a promising musical talent by Malaysia’s Ministry of Cultural and Arts.

Aside from being a lecturer at ASWARA, Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan, Halizor “Fly” bin Hussein has been rocking the bass for RTM Orchestra and the Petronas Performing Arts Department Concert. Halizor has been associated with a myriad of local artistes like Anuar Zain, Zainal Abidin, Misha Omar, and Faizal Tahir while also being actively involved with international music festivals. His latest project is his own jazz-fusion called “The Phunk Mob Experience,” conceived with John Thomas, Tok Khon and Wan.

Pop Shuvit is a Malaysian independent rap-rock band, comprising Moots! (vocals), JD (guitar), AJ (bass), Rudy (drums) and Uno (turntables). Having already established a sizable fanbase in Asia—notably in Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and Singapore—they are known for their adrenaline-packed live shows and eclectic
blend of hip hop and rock. It comes to no surprise then that they are being touted as Asia’s leading Hip Hop Rock band. Their debut album Take it & Shuvit broke new ground when their first single Skaters’ Anthem was released exclusively on the Internet and became one of the most downloaded local songs in Malaysian music history. The hype and street buzz from the track caught the ears of ESPN, who in turn licensed the track for use in their Summer X-Games broadcast that hit millions of households worldwide. As further credit to Pop Shuvit, ESPN played their music videos and tracks off the album throughout the duration of competition.
Managing Director Mamoru Okazaki addressing to the guests and the media

“The great thing about Yamaha is that it’s very accessible,” commented JD, present alongside AJ. “Sure, there are many other brands out there that supply musical instruments. But none of them, I think, accommodate both entry-level players and professionals quite as well as Yamaha.”

The Yamaha Corporation in Japan has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of a full line of musical instruments since its genesis in 1887. In addition, Yamaha is a leading producer of audio/visual products, semiconductors and other computer related products, sporting goods, home appliances and furniture, specialty metals, machine tools, and industrial robots.
The various heads of Yamaha in the company of talented musicians

With 94 subsidiaries and representative offices in overseas markets—in addition to numerous related companies in Japan—Yamaha continually promotes and supports music education amongst aspiring musicians, and this is reflected in the establishment of the Yamaha Music Foundation in 1966. Since then, Yamaha Music Malaysia has spread its philosophy in music education throughout the nation by means of its music schools, nurturing the young and fostering positive growth.

*Press Release from Yamaha Music Malaysia*