Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sales At Pacific Komtar

Storewide sales is on-going at Pacific Mall in Komtar Penang with discounts of up to 70% for all items.

The storewide sales will be on until 4th September 2011, so do drop by and who knows, you might find your dream apparel here for a discounted price.

This got me thinking, if only everything in life has a discount on it. Now wouldn't that be nice?

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Magic Kitchen 1st Avenue Mall

There's a new food court in 1st Avenue Mall, and it looked great to say the least. At least the name is unique enough to capture our attention.

I wasn't really hungry enough to 'makan' there today, so this is the only magic I can get I suppose. The crowd was overwhelming, probably because its the only food court in 1st Avenue Mall. Check it out on level 5 should you drop by here!

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The Dragon Headed Turtle

While going through my iPhone photo gallery, I found this photo of a rather unique stone statue I saw at the mushroom farms in Genting Highlands. It's a huge stone turtle with the head of a dragon, I call it the Dragon Headed Turtle.

Now what is it suppose to symbolize? What I know is that the tortoise or turtle may symbolize longetivity, but what do you get by splicing it with a dragon head. Dragons have always been associated with power, so my guess is it's a fengshui thing to bring "power for a very long time".

Anyway that's just my guess. I'll probably google up the real meaning once I'm back home. What do you think it symbolizes?

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