Sunday, August 28, 2011

Teriyaki Chicken With Rice Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi Japanese Restaurant, the cooler version of Sushi King serves a wide variety of Japanese cuisine.

The Teriyaki Chicken set I ordered would be one of my favorite dish from Sakae Sushi. I'm not a fan of raw dishes (eg: raw salmon and all) so this dish fits me perfectly. Coupled with up to 6 chicken portions, the serving size is really generous. At a price of RM18.90, I wouldn't say it's really cheap but this is Japanese food!

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Playgrounds For The Kids

There's this playground in the housing area where my parents live.

I guess playgrounds are important for the growth of our kids, so that they'll have a place to play and enjoy. But what do you do when the playground isnt well maintained? Well, that's food for thought. We wouldn't want our kids to be in a dangerous environment right.

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Healthy Bean Sprout Dish

One of the things I like about having homecooked meals is the fact the dishes are usually much healthier than the ones you eat outside.

What can be healthier than this dish of bean sprouts, bean curds, with a sprinkling of prawns. Yummy and healthy stuff indeed!!

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Wonderful Sunday Lunch

It's Sunday, and being at home with family is the best feeling ever.

Mother whipped up this delicious lunch for us, and I really appreciate her for it. Will do the dishes mum, don't worry!

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My Toy Poodle Ching Ching

One of the reasons I love to come back to my family home in Penang is because of this toy poodle.

She is my family's toy poodle named Ching Ching and keeps both my mum and dad company when both my brother and I are away from the home.

Ching Ching is really cute and smart, in fact we treat her as one of the family members already. She should be 3 years old now. Doesn't she make you just want to pick her up and cuddle?

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Mee Goreng At Sungai Bakap

I've always found the fried noodles by the roadside stalls very appetizing.

This particular Mee Goreng is fried with the sauces from Mee jawa, the wet type. And because it's fried with those sauces, the taste is awesome to say the least. At RM 3.50, I won't mind going for 2 or 3 more plates!!

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