Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wedding Room Preparations

Wedding preparations are underway. One of the rooms under heaviest scrutiny by the families from both side of the bride and groom would be the marriage room. Today's photo would be of the groom's cupboard.

Just for sharing purpose. All the items in this cupboard is recommended to be new. However, I did still re use back some of my shirts for the simple reason that I did not have ample time to go new clothes shopping.

So for those of you that are already married, how did your preparations go? As I type this post out, I'm on my way to my in-laws house to complete the traditional "hantaran" or "gifts exchange" process. Exciting times indeed, be on the lookout for more wedding preparation posts.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Traditional Chinese Pancake

The exact hokkien word for this would be "bang chang kueh" and it's one of my favourite breakfast or tea time snack.

My apologies for not capturing the picture of the pancake itself, but here I attach the picture of the uncle making it.

This stall can be found in the market just behind Penang Free School in Penang. I would say it's really delicious!

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