Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sales At Pacific Komtar

Storewide sales is on-going at Pacific Mall in Komtar Penang with discounts of up to 70% for all items.

The storewide sales will be on until 4th September 2011, so do drop by and who knows, you might find your dream apparel here for a discounted price.

This got me thinking, if only everything in life has a discount on it. Now wouldn't that be nice?

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Magic Kitchen 1st Avenue Mall

There's a new food court in 1st Avenue Mall, and it looked great to say the least. At least the name is unique enough to capture our attention.

I wasn't really hungry enough to 'makan' there today, so this is the only magic I can get I suppose. The crowd was overwhelming, probably because its the only food court in 1st Avenue Mall. Check it out on level 5 should you drop by here!

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The Dragon Headed Turtle

While going through my iPhone photo gallery, I found this photo of a rather unique stone statue I saw at the mushroom farms in Genting Highlands. It's a huge stone turtle with the head of a dragon, I call it the Dragon Headed Turtle.

Now what is it suppose to symbolize? What I know is that the tortoise or turtle may symbolize longetivity, but what do you get by splicing it with a dragon head. Dragons have always been associated with power, so my guess is it's a fengshui thing to bring "power for a very long time".

Anyway that's just my guess. I'll probably google up the real meaning once I'm back home. What do you think it symbolizes?

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Monday, August 29, 2011

MPH Bookstores Gurney Plaza

Do you love books? I for one grew up reading all types of books ranging from mystery novels, adventure books to the really interesting John Grisham's novels.

So here I am at one of the largest bookstore chain in Malaysia, just soaking in the atmosphere and browsing through their books. MPH is huge to say the least. Check out below to see rows after rows of books.

I guess now with the wedding coming, yours truly will have to spend more time in this section below!

Sometimes I wish MPH lets us borrow the awesome books there like the library. But that would be wishful thinking wouldn't it.

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Various Toilet Symbols

Something I noticed at one of the toilets in Gurney Plaza Penang.

I understand the left symbol symbolizing the handicapped toilets. However the right symbol took me 5 seconds longer to comprehend.

Initially I guessed something really funnier than what it's suppose to represent, which is a baby.

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SenQ Electronics Gurney Plaza

SenQ is this rather huge store selling electronic and electrical items at the top floor of Gurney Plaza, Penang.

Sometimes I wished I had the cash to own every electronic product in SenQ. Do you share the same dream as me?

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Gurney Plaza View

Gurney Plaza Penang is one of the iconic hangout place in Penang where every Penangite would visit at least once a week or more.

In essence it's a departmental store but because there are so many nice shops and the environment is nice, throngs of people come here daily. Just look at the view I took from level 6.

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Taiwan Sausages With Love

I've always loved Taiwan Sausages, and even though I know it's bad for you if taken excessively, I will still jump at any chance to savor this delighful Asian food.

It's so simple to prepare, just buy the Taiwan sausages from the local market, or any supermarket, drop it in any frying pan, and you have these wonderfully tasty sausages. Would you like some?

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Teriyaki Chicken With Rice Sakae Sushi

Sakae Sushi Japanese Restaurant, the cooler version of Sushi King serves a wide variety of Japanese cuisine.

The Teriyaki Chicken set I ordered would be one of my favorite dish from Sakae Sushi. I'm not a fan of raw dishes (eg: raw salmon and all) so this dish fits me perfectly. Coupled with up to 6 chicken portions, the serving size is really generous. At a price of RM18.90, I wouldn't say it's really cheap but this is Japanese food!

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Playgrounds For The Kids

There's this playground in the housing area where my parents live.

I guess playgrounds are important for the growth of our kids, so that they'll have a place to play and enjoy. But what do you do when the playground isnt well maintained? Well, that's food for thought. We wouldn't want our kids to be in a dangerous environment right.

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Healthy Bean Sprout Dish

One of the things I like about having homecooked meals is the fact the dishes are usually much healthier than the ones you eat outside.

What can be healthier than this dish of bean sprouts, bean curds, with a sprinkling of prawns. Yummy and healthy stuff indeed!!

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Wonderful Sunday Lunch

It's Sunday, and being at home with family is the best feeling ever.

Mother whipped up this delicious lunch for us, and I really appreciate her for it. Will do the dishes mum, don't worry!

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My Toy Poodle Ching Ching

One of the reasons I love to come back to my family home in Penang is because of this toy poodle.

She is my family's toy poodle named Ching Ching and keeps both my mum and dad company when both my brother and I are away from the home.

Ching Ching is really cute and smart, in fact we treat her as one of the family members already. She should be 3 years old now. Doesn't she make you just want to pick her up and cuddle?

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Mee Goreng At Sungai Bakap

I've always found the fried noodles by the roadside stalls very appetizing.

This particular Mee Goreng is fried with the sauces from Mee jawa, the wet type. And because it's fried with those sauces, the taste is awesome to say the least. At RM 3.50, I won't mind going for 2 or 3 more plates!!

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sar Hor Fun At Farlim

Something I had over at Farlim, Penang Island.

I've been told this was the famous sar hor fun so the moment I arrived home, I had to try this dish. At RM 3.80 per plate, it is definitely nice in taste as well as affordable in price.

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Duck Rice At Jawi Sungai Bakap

Upon reaching Penang for the holidays, after a long arduous journey through the traffic jam and all, my first thoughts were on food. Crashed over at this coffee shop nearby Janice's house to get a plate of delicious duck rice coupled with some roasted pork meat.

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Live Traffic Journey Back Penang

Shot a couple of photos which sums up my trip back to Penang for the Raya holidays. I observed very high volume of vehicles causing sporadic traffic jams.

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Dim Sum Breakfast At Wangsa Maju

A quick dim sum breakfast before starting the journey back to Penang for the Raya holidays. Location at Mang Chuan Restaurant Wangsa Maju.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Ipads At Sakae Sushi Sunway Pyramid

Check out the iPad being used to order the dishes from Sakae Sushi. Pretty high tech if you ask me.

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Curry Pork Rice

This is one of my favourite dish at Tiam Fatt Restaurant over in Taman Melawati KL. Taken with rice, the taste is too good!

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Hewitson's Wines

I had the opportunity to sample some awesome Hewitson's wine the other day.

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Chicken Rice At KLCC Signature Food Court

At a price of RM5.90, the BBQ chicken provided in the set is really really yummy. The stall is located at KLCC Signature Food Court level 2. Do check it out should you be in the vicinity!

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Magnum Chocolate Truffle Icecream

This would be one of my favourite ice cream. So deliciously yummy. Pity the price at RM3.90 each is causing me some grief. Still love it though!!

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Be A Star Karaoke Genting

Found this rather bright and eye catching karaoke signage. It's located in Genting highlands, so the next time you feel like singing in the clouds do drop by.

Be wary of the prices though.

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Chicken Burger From TI Canteen

Om nom nom. And it's only RM 2.80

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Ninety Nine (99) Kiosk Burger

Something we see all the time in Malaysia. So everytime you feel like having supper just drop by and order that delicious burger ayam special!

Somewhere along Jalan Jelatek, KL

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