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Alvin Tan, Malaysian Blogger Ready To Answer Your Questions On SPOT News

AMA (Ask Me Anything) On SPOT News

HOT News, this just came in my inbox, deserving a share. Mobile app SPOT News hopes to break the Internet this 27th July by enabling the public to engage with Alvin Tan via their recently launched discussion feature AMA (Ask Me Anything). 

Alvin Tan, Malaysian Blogger Ready To Answer Your Questions On SPOT News
Alvin Tan, Malaysian Blogger Ready To Answer Your Questions On SPOT News

For its debut session, AMA brings Alvin Tan, the Malaysian born the blogger known for his sexual and controversial content on his blog, to answer any questions on his career and current life in the United States of America. SPOT News users can get personal responses from Alvin on his Alvivi scandal and his career in porn. 

“We are excited to have Alvin Tan on board for our Spot Discuss session as he is a highly controversial figure in Malaysia. This session aims to allow Malaysians to objectively ask him anything freely. We believe that this session will not only serve as a “Get To Know Alvin Tan” session but will also allow for different perspectives of his past controversies in the media, as users will get a glimpse of what its like being in his shoes.” said Caroline Ng, Community Manager of SPOT News.

AMA session for Alvin Tan will take place this coming 27 July 2016
AMA session for Alvin Tan will take place this coming 27 July 2016

The AMA session for Alvin Tan will take place this coming 27 July 2016, Wednesday, from 8am to 8pm on SPOT News app. In order to participate in this session, Malaysians can download the SPOT News app on their smartphone -

SPOT News is available on both Google Play Store and App Store for free. For more information, please visit


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