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First McCafe In Malaysia

Now I did not know there is a McCafe, but as below photo, I have been invited to their opening bloggers night, which will be held at the first McCafe in McDonald's Kota Damansara. This should be interesting, do check out for my full writeup after the event at

Another fun fact which I just learnt today, McDonalds Malaysia is celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year in our beloved country. So how about experiencing some great coffee at the new McCafe soon?

Post Note:
My post-event writeup is up as linked here: 

Heineken Launches New Iconic Bottle

Heineken is proud to announce the launch of its new iconic bottle, featuring innovative details that provide a contemporary appearance and enhance the overall drinking experience.

The launch is part of a global roll-out, streamlining Heineken’s visual identity and making the brand even more consistent and recognizable in all 176 markets worldwide. The new design stamps Heineken’s progress together with consumer’s sophisticated taste and also solidifies Heineken’s position as the market leader in the international premium beer segment.

Heineken New Iconic BottleThe bottle features an embossed curve, inspired by the label ‘racetrack’, on the neck and back. The back of the bottle features the same curve motif, set above an embossed Heineken logo and the iconic star. The curve acts as a thumb groove and is perfectly placed to meet the drinker’s fingers which add tactility and grip as they grasp the bottle whilst keeping the beer to stay cooler. Additional bottle updates include a slimme…