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My Hometown Short Films: Young Local Directors Showcases Short Films of Their Beloved Hometowns

Astro introduces My Hometown a campaign for Merdeka and Malaysia Day by inviting Malaysians to celebrate 1Malaysia via submission of their own unique videos on what makes their hometowns distinctive and unforgettable to be aired on, My Hometown (Channel 318) from 31 August to 17 September 2012. To enrich the content for My Hometown, Astro is proud to feature 14 young and upcoming Malaysian film directors for My Hometown Short Films.  My Hometown Short Films celebrates the beauty and diversity of all 14 states in Malaysia with 14 young film directors, each telling a story inspired from the state in which he or she originates from. As each director comes from different backgrounds, will tell stories that resonate with their experiences resulting in 14 diverse short films inspired by film directors who all grew up in different social environments yet united in their emotions to one country, which they call home. 
Vincent De Paul, Astro’s News Controller who is also the Project Cham…

News Alert: Strange Man Caught Buying Apples around Town

A short sharing on this video which had gone viral over the internet these couple of days. Strange video of a mysteriously dressed man buying out red apples in high traffic areas. Why is he there? Is this tied to any online campaign or is it some marketing ad for the latest happening event in town? Check the video out below.

Have you seen this sighting recently? Well, truth to be told, something really big is coming up soon, and it has to do with a happening launch. Be on the lookout for what it to come!

Yamaha Creating "Kando" With Key Players From The Music Industry

Yamaha Music Malaysia is committed to help develop the talent and experience of all levels of musicians in Malaysia – be it young children embarking on their musical odyssey, or seasoned professionals with international acclaim. In recognition of this, Yamaha Music Malaysia recently signed Ambassador agreements with notable Malaysian and Malaysia-based musicians, each supporting the development of the musicianship landscape right here in the nation.

Held at their recent Distributor Network Conference at the Sepang Gold Coast, the signing ceremony involved the musicians outlining to the distributors why they were behind Yamaha, followed with a short performance by several of these talented individuals.
Kando, signifying an inspired state of mind, embodies Yamaha Music Malaysia’s philosophy to enrich the quality of lives for people around the world via their high quality products. This pledge to improve and inspire music enthusiasts everywhere was highlighted at the endorsee agreement …