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Please Pray For Little Gabriel

There is this little 8-year-old boy, Gabriel who has been in coma for 3 months and he deeply needs our Nuffnanger's support. Please send out your positive thoughts to him and his family here: Do help to get the word out there as little Gabriel is fighting for his live and desperately needs everyone's full support.

There is a very sick little boy in coma. He is 8 years old and in the hospital. According to divination done, he requires a Amitayus Buddha initiation. So yesterday our Tsem Ladrang staff went to hospital to set up as tormas need to be made and lots of preparations required was done.  When all was ready I went to the hospital to confer initiation of Amitayus for this little boy. To speak to the mother and offer some gentle advice.. The hospital provided a special room for us and we performed the initiation right next to Gabriel. It was an urgent situation and everything went well. May Little Gabriel get well soon.

I had also invited some senior Kechara students and Pastors to receive the initiation in the hospital room together with Gabriel. I couldn’t invite many over because the room is small.  The Pastors later will be able to pass this practice to others in the future. Also this will bless the senior elderly students to increase their life force to practice more Dharma.

Su Ming, Ethan, Bryan, Phil, Carmen, Gim Lee, Paris, Shabten house group and Kechara Care people  worked very hard to talk to the hospital staff, prepare the special room, transfer the ritual items, make tormas, set up offerings, prepare the students. Our Kechara people are very caring to do so much for Gabriel and family as they were all very concerned…and they were happy to do all the work…. I am so glad Kechara can offer support, care and love to little Gabriel and family. I was very happy to offer the Amitayus blessing to the little boy and members of Kechara. It will benefit everyone on many levels.

I would like everyone out there to please MAKE STRONG PRAYERS, RECITE MANTRAS, OFFER LIGHTS, OFFER PUJAS for little Gabriel. He needs all of our good energy, prayers and blessings now. Please put him in your prayers. Please do not forget him…

Tsem Rinpoche

P.S. Show them your concern please. Forward this post to others..share with others. Create the awareness that many will know about Gabriel and send much needed prayers to him please. Let’s get thousands of people to know about Gabriel and send thousands upon thousands of prayers to him please.


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