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Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge Tonight!

Lucky me, as I'll be heading for the first Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge party of the year. This round I did not just get 1 invite, I obtained 6 invites courtesy of Nuffnang and Johnnie Walker themselves.

As I have plenty of extras, I've extended the party invitation to a few bloggers namely Benjamin, Jq, Roslyn, Ernest and gf. It should be a good night of free flow with friends. Will you be there?

Please Pray For Little Gabriel

There is this little 8-year-old boy, Gabriel who has been in coma for 3 months and he deeply needs our Nuffnanger's support. Please send out your positive thoughts to him and his family here: Do help to get the word out there as little Gabriel is fighting for his live and desperately needs everyone's full support.
There is a very sick little boy in coma. He is 8 years old and in the hospital. According to divination done, he requires a Amitayus Buddha initiation. So yesterday our Tsem Ladrang staff went to hospital to set up as tormas need to be made and lots of preparations required was done.  When all was ready I went to the hospital to confer initiation of Amitayus for this little boy. To speak to the mother and offer some gentle advice.. The hospital provided a special room for us and we performed the initiation right next to Gabriel. It was an urgent situation and everything went well. May Little Gabriel get well soon.

I had also invited some senio…

Future Music Festival Asia Today!

I've just collected the tickets for today's Future Music Festival Asia gig happening at Sepang Circuit. With performances from world class DJs, regional and local acts will also be involved.

The tickets are 1st class tickets which I hope will get me a better view and much closer to the action. 2pm to 2am, 12 hours of non stop amazing music. I just can't wait. Will you be there?

Food We Consume

We had a simple dinner tonight over at Plus Plus Restaurant Setapak, just the two of us. That was when I suddenly realize that we ordered two very contrasting dishes. Check it out below.

This was Janice's Mee with soup. A rather healthy dish if you asked me. I rarely take soupy dishes, something I should change in order to get a healthier body I guess. Check out what I had.

Satay! Lots of it for hungry me. It was priced at rm0.70 each which was pretty pricey but I still went ahead to order it because I had the sudden craving.

Then it hit me, how in the world am I suppose to slim down with food like these? This post shall serve as a reminder to myself not to binge too much on fatty food and hopefully change my diet to healthier food.

Car Parking @ Texas Instruments Malaysia

Everyday I arrive at work early in the morning, and each morning I will be hunting for parking spots in the company. It has become a daily ritual to locate the perfect, and safe spot.

This morning, after parking my car, upon reaching my office I had the sudden urge to look down at the open parking space below. This photo was taken to illustrate the rather weird ways some drivers park their cars. If you were to actually observe the top right corner, the 3 Myvis were way out of their allocated spaces parking out of line. Probably they were rushing to work, and didn't feel the need to get their cars aligned.

Just a Friday morning observation..