My Toy Poodle Ching Ching

One of the reasons I love to come back to my family home in Penang is because of this toy poodle.

She is my family's toy poodle named Ching Ching and keeps both my mum and dad company when both my brother and I are away from the home.

Ching Ching is really cute and smart, in fact we treat her as one of the family members already. She should be 3 years old now. Doesn't she make you just want to pick her up and cuddle?

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  1. so so cute! i wan pinch it! ahahah

  2. Ching Ching is real lucky to have all of u :) She's adorable! I've a Shih Tzu too!

  3. She's so cuteeeee :D issac, make sure you dont make her stands on her two legs ehhh ! LOL

  4. love the colour !! Such a dark shade of brown is kinda rare for poodles ! Nice :D

  5. So cuteee! Didn't know you have another blog for photos HAHA

  6. record yourself abusing the dog and you'd be famous!

  7. Ooooo...cute! Where got TOY? That's a REAL poodle!!! LOL!!!

  8. Camy,
    Lol! pinch it later it bites you :P

    really? A shih tzu is extremely cute and lovable too!

    Haha, don't worry I won't. But she does love to stand on two legs on her own sometimes and it's rather cute

  9. Shuwen,
    Oh I didn't know that. No matter what shade she's in, she's still our lovely Ching Ching XD

    LOL! This is my personal photo blog, one which I plan to do all the posts via my iPhone. Mobile blogging FTW!!

    OMG no!! That video is cruelty!

    Hahaha, you're right, Ching Ching isn't a toy. But her breed IS a toy poodle XD


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