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Live Traffic Journey Back Penang

Shot a couple of photos which sums up my trip back to Penang for the Raya holidays. I observed very high volume of vehicles causing sporadic traffic jams.

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  1. muahahaha XD Imagine blogging while driving! Now it's possible!

  2. Bro thanks for helping me! Sorry for troubling. Just give me a call when you get the charger in hand. =( I miss my charger badly. =(

  3. Sambil memandu, sambil blogging? Hahahha.. I love the last pic - the vivid colour of it. Nice blue sky ^^

  4. Jfook, no worries la >< relaxx.. LOL

    Pris, lol thanks!! this is my sub blog, for short photos with 1 paragraph description. Thanks for dropping by ya.

    Diana, LOL, yeap. Sambil memandu sambil tweeting, sambil blogging, sambil nyanyi! XD This was taken with a lousy iPhone3GS so the picture quality isnt very good unfortunately.

  5. But I wonder how you do it. Auto pilot mode or mind driving. LOL

  6. Oooooo....such nice roads, such wonderful highways.... Come over and see ours - we've been cheated, shortchanged.

    Rocket came over, made so much noise about everything including our roads and won...and after that, NO change whatsoever. Do not even get to see their shadow around here, not at all. @#$%&*!!!

  7. Cutebun,
    Lol, auto pilot, that's why that day I was asking on Twitter how to engage auto mode. I found the way!

    North South Highway is rather nice. Poor you. That's politicians i guess ><


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